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"When you focus on the solution, the problems take care of themselves."

With decades of experience protecting the rights and interests of individuals and families, our attorneys understand that clients don't want to hear excuses — they want results. That's why thousands of people have turned to The Riar Law Firm for quality service, sound advice and practical legal help, all at a reasonable price. Contact us today for a consultation.

Let Your Problems Become Our Problems

All of our attorneys understand that some cases are suitable for a carefully negotiated resolution while others must be hard fought in court. We have practiced extensively in state and federal courtrooms throughout the area and have a long track record of achieving successful results for people like you.

We approach legal problems by first trying to resolve them amicably without going through the time-consuming and expensive process of litigation. But if your case is one that warrants litigation, remember that we are trial lawyers who are not afraid to fight for you and we'll be with you every step of the way. Our goal is to be the best lawyer for your matter and to go the distance to help you reach your goals.

As a legal firm, we have been in legal services for 20 years. We treat our clients like members of the family, too. Since 1993, the firm has provided family law representation to traditional and nontraditional families in India and worldwide. We have represented people on every continent except Antarctica.

At Riar Legal, we work on cases as a team. Our attorneys are trained mediators and negotiators. Our advocates are collaborative practice lawyers and family law-specific mediators. They are tough, skilled trial lawyer. Regardless of the dispute resolution method we employ, we approach each case with the philosophy that the reasonable party has a better chance of achieving his or her goals. In family law, extreme positions, including the attitude toward the other party or parent, are less likely to produce favorable results.