Recommendation Latter

GMCC China

Dear Adv. Amit,

"It is a pleasure to applaud the overall guidance and support received from you during the business visits to India. It is our business support partners like you and your team that work tirelessly to help us navigate and manouver the complexities of doing business in a foreign land. We have been able to address complex situations and seamlessly achieved success in certain complex situations with your good judgement and planned approach. "

"Your foresighted vision and advance preparation which is the formula for the smooth functioning of any business. Your personal qualities are also admirable as you are able to connect on a one to one basis with your clients and are able to have a firm business relationship as well as even stronger bonding with your clients that gives you service that extra edge over other. "

"Your ever-available approach and round the clock readiness badges you with the A+ Outstanding label. "

"Good Job and Well-done Amit. "

Tony Ji

Overseas Sales Department
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05 FEB 2019
Cobra Instalaciones y Servicios (India Pvt. Ltd.)

Dear Adv. Amit,

"I would like to thanks you for the invaluable support and assistance given to us in the last 10 years in the services of registration and renewal of the stay visa for our expatriate staff. We never faced any trouble thanks to your prompt action as well as the processing time of the documents was incredibly fast. "

"It has been an amazing experience to count with your collaboration and we will continue in future expecting same support as until now."

Francisco Javier Gomez

Cobra Instalaciones y Servicios (India Pvt. Ltd.)
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19 SEPT 2018
Carrier-Midea | Adv Amit Suden
Carrier Midea India

"I would like to thank you and your firm for the commendable services. I can recollect my association during my tenure from (2012 - 2018) has been a success for the business and it is thanks to the outstanding support that we have received from advisors like you. "

"We have been able to address complex situations and seamlessly achieved success in all assignments with your good judgment and consulting foresight. "

"I have personally found your quality of going beyond the formal call of duty to ensure a personal touch with the client as very big asset that helps build strong relationships."

"We should keep in touch and like I had mentioned do let me know when you visit China.

Li Hui

Deputy Managing Director (Carrier Midea India)
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10 JAN 2018
LScables | Adv Amit Suden
LS Cables & Systems LTD.

"LS Cables would like to applaud you on the successful long-term relationship the company has had with you (2010 — 2017). Your service has always surpassed our expectations and time and again you have set new benchmarks. "

"As our business moves & progresses and we grow with the coming times — it is very good to have the support of you and dedicated firm. We would also like to also add that we have always had very good response from your team as well, which is always geared to quickly turnaround to address immediate situations. "


Director Projects (LS Cables & System LTD.)
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22 AUG 2017
International SOS | Adv Amit Suden
International SOS

"I would like to express my satisfaction on the advice, consultancy and legal support that have been provided to me during our long-term (2012 — 2016) association. I received outstanding and prompt support which was very much critical to the smooth functioning of our operations. "

"The level and accuracy of the immigration services provided by you and your team have been very helpful in varied situations. I look forward to continue our collaboration for future services in and around Delhi."

Nicolas Bertsche

General Manager (International SOS India)
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05 JUL 2016
Konrad Adenauer Stiftung | Adv Amit Suden
Konrad Adenauer Stiftung

"This recommendation is acknowledge and record our appreciation of all the consultancy support that we have received from you and your team for our German nationals. We have valued your advisory inputs, technical advisory skill."

"Your insight & advice has been very crucial in peculiar situations."

"Your knowledge and interpretation of Indian laws in light of specific requirements and their skilled implementation make your support valuable for Government organizations like ours to operate smoothly in the complex political/economic scenario."

"Our foundation looks forward to working with you on other assignments."

Dr Lars Peter Schmidt

Resident representative to India (Konrad Adenauer Stiftung )
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08 APR 2016
Elettronica (ELT) | Adv Amit Suden
Elettronica (ELT)

"We would like to put on record our appreciation of your consulting services during our association with you and your consulting team from 2008 — 2016. Our Business endeavor into the Defense sector in India has received outstanding advisory support from your firm. We are immensely satisfied with your focused attention to minute details while executing assignments. Your suggestions and insights on varied aspects of Doing Business in India have been very helpful at times to our business. We are happy to partner with consultants like you in achieving our business pals and objectives more effectively. "

Paolo Izzo

Country Manager - India
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16 JUN 2016

"As we begin another year — would like to place on record that our consulting experience with you and your Team has been very satisfying. The legal advice and countuinued support encompassing every sphere of business aspects is recommendable. "

"We were also impressed with your response time on cittical matters and dedication to minute detail that always delivered outstanding results. These aspects certainly differentiate you from other Professionals. "

Noemie Levieux

Brand Ambassador Louis XIII
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27 FEB 2015
Mexican Embassy | Adv Amit Suden
Mexican Embassy

"This is to put on record our appreciation of all the effort and excellent support that we have received from you and your team. We have valued your advisory inputs and your technical skill. "

"Your advice has been very valuable in some complex situations. Your skill and knowledge of Indian laws make you an asset to any client who demands quick response, case commitment and high standards of delivery."

Javier Basulto

Counseller (Embassy of Maxico in India)
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08 AUG 2011
Boeing | Adv Amit Suden

"This is to put on record our appriciation of all the effort and support that we have recieved from you and your team on our advisory project. We have valued your advisory inputs covering a broad range of management, financial and technical areas."

John Livingstone Williams

Director (India Offset Program)
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11 Mar 2010
Clinton foundation  | Adv Amit Suden
Clinton Foundation

"This recommendation is acknowledge and record our appreciation of all the consultancy support that we have received from you and your team. We have valued your advisory inputs, technical advisory skill."

"Your insight & advice has been very valuable in peculiar situations. Your knowledge and interpretation of Indian laws in light of specific requirements and their skilled implementation make your support valuable for companies/ organizations to operate smoothly in the complex business scenario."

Naomi Paula Bruck

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30 AUG 2010
Avon | Adv Amit Suden

"We at Avon are appriciative of your skills and expertise in handling our expat team mobility compliance. We would also to put our 10 -year association with you on record as a very satisfactory and look forward to working with you on future assignment."


Director HR (Avon Beauty Products India Pvt. Ltd.)
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19 Mar 2013
Deutsche Postbank | Adv Amit Suden
Deutsche Postbank

"We take this opportunity to thank you for the various services provided us from thime to time, perticularly fro the promt services of Mr. Amit Suden in various matters.
We look forward to you continued support."

Achim Vogt

Managing Diector (Deutsche Postbank)
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11 May 2010
yum! restaurants international | Adv Amit Suden
yum! restaurants international

"We at Yum are appreciative of your skills and expertise in handling our expat team mobility compliances. We would also like to put our 10-year association with you on record as very satisfactory and look forward to working with you on future assignments."


Director HR - Yuml Restaurants (India) Pvt. Ltd. Signatory
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27 MAY 2009
BhartiAirtelLimited | Adv Amit Suden
Bharti Airtel Limited

"I'm not sure how other people appreciate the value of what you do. I can say with great conviction that your being in charge of my visa formalities makes all the difference to my peace of mind, and thus my professional performance."

Tina Uneken

Corporate Director and Ombudsman
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19 Mar 2012
Bharti | Adv Amit Suden

"This is to highlight our dealings with your organization especially with the lead consultant Amit Suden and his team. I would like to mention that my association with Amit Suden has been very fruitful."

"The qualities that we have identified and would like to put on record in our course of dealing with him are that he has been very focused on the projects/ assignments handled by him and the implementations on professional terms are worth being praised. The accomplishment turnaround time has been almost real-time including delivery before timeliness or approaching right contacts has saved valuable time and effort which at my position is a blessing. He is an asset to your organization and a perfect representative of your firm. I hope that you identify and recognize the goodwill that he is bringing to your clients by providing a high level support to them. "

Rajeev Krishnan

Head (M&L Format stores. Bharti Retail Pvt Ltd )
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30 AUG 2010
Carrefour WC & C India Pvt. Ltd. | Adv Amit Suden
Carrefour WC & C India Pvt. Ltd.

"I would like to take this opportunity of putting it on record the valuable support we have received from you and your team right from the stage of our inception in India. It is owing to support of partners like you that we are able to build and function smoothly being able to deliver as per our determined goals and targets. "


Managing Director (Carrefour WC & C India Pvt. Ltd. )
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13 NOV 2007
Coca Cola India Inc | Adv Amit Suden
Coca Cola India Inc

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank Amit Suden for his extremely courteous and efficient registration services provided to me and other Coca-Cola associates and their families. Such service is really important in assisting our expatriate associates to comply with law, and when it is performed with such professionalism and courteousness, it must not go unremarked. "

13 NOV 2007
Hines-Daniel | Adv Amit Suden

"I am writing to compliment you on the professionalism with which you performed your services in assisting my family and me with the registration process. "

"You were extremely well organized; you communicated well to help me understand the process and to be clear about the information you needed from me for this process; you were always punctual with scheduled meetings, but you were also gracious about rescheduling meeting times when I asked if you could do so for my convenience "

Daniel MacEachron

(Managing Director)
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03 AUG 2006
philip-morris | Adv Amit Suden

"Just a note to express my appreciation in regard to Amit Sudan, who handled my visa requirements with speed and professionalism. He is articulate, polite and professional in handling such matters. "

Ajit Sahgal

(Branch Office)
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10 SEP 2003
Petronas | Adv Amit Suden

"I am writing to place on record my appreciation regarding the services provided by Mr. Amit Suden, first when he processed and obtained the requisite FRRO approvals when my family and I arrived in Delhi and recently in relation to the extension of my work permit (visa extension) and residential permits for my family. "

"The advice he gave in relation to the renewal of work permit and residential permits was most appropriate, practical and cost effective, In addition, he delivered the approvals with the set time frame promised."

Mohamad Rauff Nabi Bax

Director -India Liaison Office
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05 SEP 2003
DENSO | Adv Amit Suden

"I take this opportunity to thank RiarGlobal for their help in processing immigration formalities for my family and me from time to time, through Mr. Amit Suden. The personal touch which he has been able to combine with the professional work is quite commendable. I wish the very best for him in all his future assignments."


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09 JAN 2003
Bombardier | Adv Amit Suden

"After dealing with Amit Suden, we have found that he is invariably a pleasant person to deal with, very dedicated and punctual, all characteristics which we greatly value and which are a special asset in a person dealing with personal and stress related issues such as FRRO registration etc. Amit displays great skills as a consultant, and has always dealt with us in an extremely professional and earnest manner. He has at every time provided the highest levels of customer service and client servicing and has produced a high level of satisfaction when dealing with him. Without Amit smoothing the way with India's governmental organisations, we would be unable to contribute to either our parent company or India's economy. In our opinion Amit is a true asset to you firm."

Karoly Csurgay

Project Director
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10 DEC 2002
Bombardier | Adv Amit Suden

"Riar Legal Advisors and Immigration Consultants is a firm we have been associated with over the last few years. During this time we have found them to continually deliver results, which far exceed our expectations. "

"Amit the company director is a charming and efficient man and all of our company's dealings with him have been refreshingly frank, honest and concise. "

"I have no hesitation in recommending Riar Legal Advisors and Immigration Consultants to anyone wishing to use their services. "

Wayne David McAllister

Australian Broadcasting Corporation
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15 AUG 2002
Magneti Marelli Fiat | Adv Amit Suden
Magneti Marelli Fiat

"In particular, I would like to mention the co-operation and help received from Mr. Amit Suden. Infact, many a times he went out of the way to get things done well in time, with a personal touch."

04 JAN 2001
Microsoft | Adv Amit Suden

"This is to request you to provide assistance to Mrs. Mala Mirchandani with her registration. She needs to get the registration done on her new passport and new Visa as soon as possible as she has to catch a flight to Singapore tonight. "

23 MAR 2001
New Holland | Adv Amit Suden
New Holland

"Since my arrival in New Delhi in January 1998, Mr Amit Suden, has rendered to me invaluable service in matters relating to my stay in India. In particular his handling of my application for my Residents Permit and its renewal was particularly well done. In addition the arrangements with the tax authorities for my return to the UK and the acquisition of my Tax Clearance Certificate was accomplished in a timely and effective manner without any need for follow-up on my part. "

W R Shepherd

Director of Engineering (New Holland Tractors (India) Private Limited )
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06 JUL 2001
Nortel Networks | Adv Amit Suden
Nortel Networks

"Amit has not only contributed extensively to the smooth operation of Nortel Networks India, he has also become a close friend of Nortel Networks family. Once again, we like to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt gratitude and wish him every success in his future endeavor. "

Robert Bong

Vice President (NORTEL NETWORK )
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22 NOV 2001
RTD IXAAR | Adv Amit Suden

"With this letter, I like to express my thanks to Mr. Amit Sudden. The way he has handled my affairs in the past was done in a most efficient and satisfactory manner. During my stay in India 1997 and 1998 , I overstayed my visa for over two months Mr. Amit Sudden has kept me out of trouble by dealing with the authorities from the department of internal affairs by himself and protected me from these people. Every thing done by Mr. Amit Suden was done without delay and he even managed to get me a registration in such a short notice that I could leave for my country without any problem. Recently I have returned to India and again Mr. Sudden helped me for my registration in a very short notice. I personally think he is an asset and I am glad dealing with this gentleman."

Marteen Van VIiet

Manager Operation (RTD IXAAR)
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15 JUN 2001
Dredging Corporation of India | Adv Amit Suden
Dredging Corporation of India

"Mr. Amit Suden has rendered to me invaluable service in matters relating to my stay in India. His liaisoning and interaction with the Government and other regulatory authorities, his friendly, efficient and competent approach to all situations needs to be mentioned. His capabilities and his ability to deliver are appreciable, as his personal charisma seems to work with local people as well as with foreigners. I found Mr. Amit Suden a responsive and thoughtful person committed to his responsibilities. I wish him all the success and look forward to continuing our relationship with him in the future. "

Henk De Man

Executive Director
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08 JUN 2000
Kuwait Petroleum Corporation | Adv Amit Suden
Kuwait Petroleum Corporation

"I would like to express my appreciation for Mr. Amit Suden of your organisation for his efficient handling of our case. He is very commendable in marketing, communicating and convincing. He is also very competent and has the ability and the willingness to undertake and successfully perform the work. "

Malek A. Barakat

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06 DEC 2000
Rebus Software | Adv Amit Suden
Rebus Software

"Amit has been assisting me with regard to my immigration status in India . I had forgotten to register myself with the appropriate authorities in time and therefore was in breach of regulations . Through his knowledge of the procedures and his contacts Amit ensured, to my total satisfaction, that I was compliant. He therefore relieved me of much anxiety. "

Harjinder Kang

Managing Director (Rebus Software )
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12 JUL 2000
Skoda Exports | Adv Amit Suden
Skoda Exports

"I would like to express my satisfaction with the work of Mr. Amit Suden, who was very helpful while arranging visas for my wife and me for the last three years. "

"He was very effective to extend the same assistance for my Project Director, Mr. Hubacek and his wife. Recently he is helping to our new Project Director - Mr. Miler who expresses his appreciation of Amit's services several times. "

"I am appreciating very much his professional effort to arrange everything smoothly, in-time and without any harassment from the site of . "

Roman Jesztrebi

Finance Manager
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07 AUG 2000
Distacom Singapore | Adv Amit Suden
Distacom Singapore

"Distacom has used the services for a number of years in their joint vventue spice comminication and has always enjoyed good service. On hisperticular occasion I would like to draw your attention to the excellent assistence provided by your representative Mr. Amit Suden."

08 JUN 2000
Dominos Pizza | Adv Amit Suden
Dominos Pizza

"After dealing with Amit Sudan, I have found. that he is a fantastic ambassador for your .organization. Amit displays great skills as a consultant, and has always dealt with us in an extremely professional and earnest Manner. The relationship that we have had in dealing with Amit has been extremely,pleasing. He has at every time provided the highest levels of customer service and client servicing and has produced a high-level of Satisfaction when dealing with him. The results of our interactions have always been pleasing and in a timely manner. He has displayed a high level of generalist skills., as well as specialties skill in his area and is in my opinion a true asset to your firm, "

Kerri-anne Wane

Chief, Human Resources (Domino's Pizza India Limited )
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08 JUN 2000
AT Kearney | Adv Amit Suden
AT Kearney

"I write to thank you for all your assistance in securing my visa extension. You were very promt in responding to my request for the extension and in defining the documentation required. You were also as efficient as ever in ensuring that everything went smoothly at the "

22 DEC 2000
abb-alstom-power | Adv Amit Suden
ABB Alstom Power

"Just a note to thank you for the great support you have given to my wife Uma and i and the most professional, corteous, and patient manner in which you handled all our exit formalties."

"Your persoonal attention made it possible to get the exit paperwork in a timely manner."


Kirit Desal

Vice President (Repowering Sales North America)
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21 Feb 2000

"I am taking this opportunity to et you know how impressed I am with the way you conduct my Visa problem. You proved yourself most competent and helpful in this regard."

"I thank you for all my fears on the day and thank you for going beyond what i believe to be in your job desciption in handling my and companies problem"

Antoni Melendez

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01 NOV 1999
Arthur_Andersen | Adv Amit Suden
Arthur Andersen and Associates

"Amit Performed well beyond what is expected of a first year paraprofessional on these two assignments and this inspires confidence on his ability to get jobs involving interation with tax and regullarity authorities completed and successfully."

01 NOV 1999
British Gas India Pvt Ltd | Adv Amit Suden
British Gas India Pvt Ltd

"Mr. Suden was prepared to go further than what could be reasonably expected of any member of staff by giving me Ms residence contact numbers and address if there should .be a need to contact him outside of office hours. This was appreciated, and it became useful in one instance where I needed to make contact. Also, Mr Suden was happy to give advice to me and my wife on issues concerning India and matters that a stmger may need to know. "

03 Mar 1999
Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative | Adv Amit Suden
Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative

"I would like to commend Mr Amit Suden for his careful efforts in assisting me and other colleagues at CHRI in registering with the Foreign Registration Office, obtaining extensions of our visas, etc. CHRI has continuous need for advice on and assistance with immigration formalities due to a number of our staff originating from foreign countries. "

Stephame Loomis

Advocacy Programme Coordinator
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01 NOV 1999
Digital Microwave | Adv Amit Suden
Digital Microwave

"This is to certify that Mr. Amit Sudan, working for Arthur Andersen as an Senior Consultant, has been very helpful and reliable in his dealings, in providing consultancy formalities for my immigration, visa and other verification and documentation. Employees like Amit, help their organisations, earn goodwill among their customers and therefore, are an asset to their organisations. "


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23 SEP 1999
Wockhardt | Adv Amit Suden

"Just a note to thank you for helping us in getting our visa regularised. I must mention that Amit Suden was extremely helpful in getting necessary things done in a very short time. He was resourceful. conscientious, and kept us informed regularly on the progress. My wife and daughter were planning to travel out of India and Amit worked within that time frame and got the work done successfully. Even after the work was done from his end. he followed up the matter with me on regular basis until the work of regularising visa was done here in Mumbai. The service he provided exceedeC all standards. "

Abbas Master

Vice President - Projects
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24 DEC 1999
British Telecom | Adv Amit Suden
British Telecom

"It is with great pleasure that a provide a reference for Amit Suden on behalf of BT. An. is an exemplary, ambassador for Arthur Anderson. His "can do" attitude is refreshing and without failure he lives up to every task given to him whether tax, residency certificates or transfer of documents. "

Lesley Lee

Sales and Marketing Director
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03 NOV 1998