Portfolio Information

  • Created by: Tony Ji
  • Date: 05-02-2019
  • Client: GMCC

Dear Adv. Amit,

“It is a pleasure to applaud the overall guidance and support received from you during the business visits to India. It is our business support partners like you and your team that work tirelessly to help us navigate and manouver the complexities of doing business in a foreign land. We have been able to address complex situations and seamlessly achieved success in certain complex situations with your good judgement and planned approach. ”

“Your foresighted vision and advance preparation which is the formula for the smooth functioning of any business. Your personal qualities are also admirable as you are able to connect on a one to one basis with your clients and are able to have a firm business relationship as well as even stronger bonding with your clients that gives you service that extra edge over other. ”

“Your ever-available approach and round the clock readiness badges you with the A+ Outstanding label. ”

“Good Job and Well-done Amit. ”

Tony Ji

Overseas Sales Department