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Amit Suden is a Partner of RiarGlobal LLP leading their Immigration and Mobility Consulting division and one of India’s foremost Senior Corporate Immigration Attorneys. He is recognized as an experienced authority on Indian Immigration matters as well as the international residence-by-investment industry.
Suden is also Partner of Riar India and Riar Legal. He is a licensed to practice with the Supreme Court Bar and the High Court of India. He possesses a thorough understanding of the personnel, human resource and recruitment industry across India employing foreigners to work in India.
Suden is founding director of the Indian Immigration Resource Centre (IMRC) a leading forum for advice on Indian Immigration. He also regularly contributes to various Immigration Law Journal publications in India. He is a frequent presenter at National conferences sponsored by corporate and non-government organizations on matters affecting India’s immigration and human resources industries.

Our History

Amit Suden has an outstanding record with top expatriate who have relocated to India and have been managing global companies in the India continent. He has experience in managing global teams and serving multi-milliondollar fortune 500 clients. His background in mobility strategy, legal consulting and expatriate management highlight his mindful but competitive approach. In the 20 years since founding Riar, Amit Suden has led the company to an high percentage turnover over its closest competitors. Mr Suden has received loads of accolades from personalities and corporate heads ranging from Bill Gates, Hillary Clinton, Dalai Lama, Richard Gere, Mexican Embassy India, French Embassy India, German Political Party, USAID amongst many other host of appreciative recommendations.

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